Wednesday, April 6, 2016

5 Creative Ways To Cope With Mania

So you're going through a manic episode.

You already did the list of things you "should do".

1. Call your doctor

2. Talk to your therapist

3. Notify your support group

4. Do the natural healthy stuff: Exercise, eat right,  sleep, routines, etc.

Now what? 

You're manic and so many things seem like amazing ideas at the time!

You've been down this road, and it's a train-wreck away.

Here's some ideas that I've actually done that went far to help me through this:

1. Cut up your credit cards, and even your debit card.

I have a checkbook, I know when the bank is open and closed. Even if I don't have a checkbook, the bank provides me with withdrawal slips.

Just take out enough for gas, food, and some "just in case", and ditch the plastic.

It's inconvenient and uncomfortable, and that is the point.

You're literally thinking about that cash you have in your wallet, because for now, until you get to the bank tomorrow, that's all you have.

By the time you get to the bank you've had enough time to really think about what you're about to buy through, TRUST ME.

2. Uninstall any shopping apps you have that you have saved credit card or pay pal information on.

You'll think twice once you realize you have to reinstall the app just so you can browse through their sales.

3. Take a day off work in the middle of the week if you haven't slept well in 2-3 days.

Strung out, barely sleeping and you're on the job with stress.

Even if you think you can't do it, do it. You need to reset yourself. Work is not more important than your mental health.

Take a random Wednesday off when you feel strung-out.

Try to sleep in. My advice is to do nothing. Be as lazy as you can so you can at least give your body a break even if your mind is reeling.

4. Eat more than usual if you're not sleeping.

You already got the "healthy living" tips down, but has anyone ever told you to eat more when you're not sleeping well?

Not sugar or caffeine, that's not what I'm talking about.

But your body needs fuel and you're not getting it by sleeping and refreshing yourself.

Your running on fumes because you're probably not eating much anyway.

Your body obtains fuel from somewhere to keep going. Eat a little more cereal in the morning.

5. If deleting all of your ex's phone numbers and any trace of them on your phone or social media device will save you from a night or week of poor judgments?  Just do it.

If you regret deleting it, at least you have the spare minute or two to think about it some more when trying to re-friend them on Facebook.

These are just some ideas, I'm almost positive other people have more up their sleeves they can share to help prevent yourself from even "going there" to begin with.

Get creative. As long as what you do is about helping you prevent things you know are typical of you, then that something is worth a try.

We still have to live with ourselves after these manic phases, right?

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