Sunday, March 20, 2016

Selfish Bipolar Person

Someone once said to me the truest statement I've ever heard:

"Bipolar is a selfish disease."

The facts are there.

If you are not focusing on yourself almost all the time, are not keenly honed in on yourself to the point you are aware of the slightest changes in yourself. ...

You are most likely not effectively managing your mental illness.

You must catch yourself when you have a mood swing.

If you fail, you'll get a surprise AFTER you realize it with regretting whatever it is you did or said.

If you do not pay attention to your sleep, food, exercise, stress, anxiety, triggers, and that long list of other things to manage. ...

You'll figure out how badly you screwed up after you realize you weren't paying  attention.

All these things that you must pay attention to within yourself is ONLY to make sure those surrounding you do not get dragged through hell by being around you.

How messed up is that?

To effectively live we need to be extremely selfish in nature to make sure we are thinking of others.

Such an obscure truth.

Friday, March 18, 2016

I love my husband - Unconditionally

I recently posted this morning, basically about my husband feeling selfish. If you read it, the content basically says it without saying it directly.

Maybe I am the selfish one.

What he's going through matters. When he's hurting, it hurts me. It legitimately makes me feel almost as bad as he's feeling about what he is going through.

I am not going to remove my previous post; however, I am stating that regardless of the things I feel in situations or during heated moments...

I love him unconditionally.

What he does can hurt me sometimes, what he says can hurt me sometimes. His actions can hurt me at times, our arguments burn me inside... I feel that at times I hate his guts. Sometimes he annoys me. At times I cannot stand to be around him. There are even times I am thinking we're better off DIVORCED, (yes, dare I say it? Yes I will. It is the truth).

But regardless of all that, he can never do anything that will take the love I have away from him.

I will always be there for him.

There is nothing that can tear me away from him.

No, I really won't divorce is butt when we fight over the stupid things we fight about which married couples often do.

Last night I realized and thought about something. If he left me, I'd still love him, my heart would just be torn to shreds.

He's everything I ever needed and wanted. I see nobody else. He reminds me everyday that I am the only one he sees in his eyes.

I believe we'll be together forever - and I'll hold onto that until I die.